NETinfo ranks amongst the top 5 vendors in Forrester’s ‘Vendor Landscape: Omni Channel Banking solutions’ Mobile Banking and Omnichannel Banking coverage, supporting an increasing number of new channels

NETinfo Plc is happy to announce that for the 2nd year in a row it has been part of Forresters inclusion for Omnichannel Digital Banking in Forrester’s 2016 report ‘Vendor Landscape: Omnichannel Banking Solutions.

Forrester evaluated 25 global vendors and NETinfo was listed as one of the top 5 vendors in both channel availability and business capabilities.  In addition, NETinfo is the only vendor with offline banking capabilities.


Omnichannel Banking Is The Anchor Point Of Digital Banking

Today’s bank customers demand highly sophisticated banking products and services and want to use them at any time, from anywhere, using the channel of their choice. They rightly expect great CX, independent of whether they use a fully digital or an assisted channel. The need to deliver end-to-end digital banking capabilities increases the need for banks to look for advanced, efficient solutions that support multiple channels.

This is an additional validation of how NETteller is the right solution for banks who are looking to accelerate their services through digital transformation era.

Please refer to Forrester’s Web Page for more information

NETinfo has been acknowledged by Forresters as key players in Digital banking for 2 consecutive years, having also featured in Forrester’s Choose the right Mobile Banking Solution report in 2014.

With over 35 banking customers in 25 countries, we are proud to be featured in the highest ranks by one of the most respected global research companies for new technologies. This is an additional validation of how NETteller is the right solution for banks who are looking to accelerate their services through digital transformation.

Please refer to Forrester’s Web Page for more information


Our Solution continues to prove its sophistication in the global financial industry.

Thank you to all partners clients and attendees for joining the NETinfo and the team at CAB Conference in Curacao, where we had an opportunity to showcase our solution, which continues to prove its sophistication on a global scale, leading the financial industry into the next generation of banking.


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Thank you for joining NETinfo at the CAB Conference.

NETinfo, wish to thank  everyone for joining the NETinfo team at CAB, conference in Curaco, where we have had an opportunity to showcase our solution, which was received with great enthusiasm from all who attended our presentation. Thank you also to the ProAxis team for your support.


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NETinfo Team at Forrester CX EUROPE Conference @ The InterContinental London – The O2 November 15–16, 2016

The NETinfo team meeting with one of Forrester analyst, at the CX Europe conference in London, gaining in-depth knowledge and understanding of the changes and challenges faced and how to turn challenges into opportunities in the disruption of the digital era.

Forrester events

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Donation to the Cyprus International Digital Photo Competition by NETinfo Plc

NETinfo prides in helping the community in a variety of events and sponsorship.

Most recently NETinfo was invited participate in the award ceremony held at the Cultural Centre of the European University in Nicosia, on the 4th October, the event was for the presentation of the International Competition 2016 results (CIDPC 2016), where by a donation was given to the Cyprus International Digital Photo Competition by NETinfo Plc.

Our very own Human Resources Manager Eleftheria Christou was there to present a cheque on behalf of NETInfo plc to the organizers.

Full details of the winners can be found on their website:

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cidpc-2016   cidpc-2016-invitation

NETinfo reaches out to the people of Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Mathew

Dear Haïtiens

Words cannot express how sorry we are about the recent tragic events, the heartbreaking losses you have experienced through Hurricane Mathew. People who have lost or been separated from loved ones, whose homes or businesses have been destroyed, or whose future has been turned upside down in one way or another.

Please accept our deepest sympathy. Your losses are huge, and we can only imagine the hurt you feel.

We want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Please accept our condolences and our hopes for your healing and renewal.

An aid donation of $5000 has been given the BUH bank (Banque de L’Union Haïtienne ) for the to assist friends, families and coworkers in the community to rebuild their lives in these challenging times.

With sympathy,

NETinfo Team

NETinfo will be exhibiting at the 43rd CAB Conference @ Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, Curacao on 16th- 19th November 2016

It is with great pleasure that we confirm our participation in CAB Conference, the 43rd Conference and Annual General Meeting, on the 16th– 19th November 2016 at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort in Curacao. Where you will have an opportunity to see NETteller’s NEW range of functionality in the Retail, Corporate and Insurance modules.



BUH launches its banking platform “BUH connect”

The bank of the Haitian Union Thursday launched its online banking platform called “BUH connect”. This new service will allow customers to BUH to perform a set of transactions via internet. For the main bank officials, the launch of this product will mark the history of the BUH, a bank that wants to improve its services using new technologies.

The members of the Board of Directors and senior executives of the bank were present at the Best Western hotel for the launch of this platform ceremony. This initiative marks a new period in the life of the Bank of the Haitian Union. “Today, three years later, this is our first step.  The first step to prepare us to be competitive in the banking system, “said the chairman of the board of directors of the bank, Olivier Barrau. Indeed, there are three years since a new group of investors decided to recapitalize the bank. Since then, the bank has continued to work to remake a place in the Haitian banking system.

The BUH wants, in this sense, leverage technology to position itself as one of the most modern Haitian banks. With this technology platform very advanced, the Bank of the Haitian Union intends to definitively turn to the future and progress. “The ‘BUH Connect” platform allows us to be online, in line with our vision of the bank, continued Olivier Barrau who took the floor to open the ceremony.

“The ‘BUH Connect” platform allows us to be online, in line with our vision of the bank, continued Olivier Barrau who took the floor to open the ceremony. Technology “BUH connect” is developed by the company NETINFO Plc, a European company with advanced technology. This company specializes in the development and distribution of innovative solution and Omnichannel mobile financial service for the banking industry. As presented by the director of the technology center of the bank, Frederick Ambrose, “BUH connect” it’s a very simple menu, a very elegant design with unique features.  “The security of your information is our priority.” Our online services are not an exception.

With the support of renowned international firms, the BUH has taken steps to offer you a level of security meets international standards, “said the BUH in a statement.

“In an ongoing effort to modernize and leadership, the Bank of the Haitian Union is pleased to announce the general public, customers in particular, its long-awaited service to simplify time management and banking,” said for its part, the CEO of the bank, Mackensen Gomez. As one stone two birds, the BUH took the opportunity to officially open its customer service center. “This center aims to facilitate the human touch behind the operations of our system”, said the CEO, Mackensen Gomez.  With the “BUH connect”, the bank will allow its customers to perform transfers to accounts at the BUH, the Spih through all local banks and SWIFT for international transfers.  Guests can also use the to see the balance of their loans, make payments on their credit cards, pay suppliers in real time and schedule of future payments.

This ultra-modern platform will also enable institutions to plan and organize the payroll of their employees in total comfort.


NETinfo will be exhibiting at the Cl@b – Latin American Committee on Banking Automation

Our Team will be at Cl@b on the 14th to 16th September, Lima Peru, presenting our NETteller Solution where you will get the chance to see and Experience hands-on demos of the latest solution offerings from NETteller.


NETinfo has joined forces with various Universities to create unique internship opportunities.

NETinfo has joined forces with the following Universities: University of Cyprus, Frederick University, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Sheffield Hallam University to create an internship program to provide participants with the knowledge and networking opportunities needed to succeed in information technology sector providing work experience and social interaction.

The goal of this initiative is to improve computer science students’ knowledge of highly parallel computing practices to better address the emerging paradigm of large-scale distributed computing.

Fundamental changes in computer architecture and increases in network capacity are encouraging software developers to take new approaches to computer-science problem solving. For web software such as search, social networking and mobile commerce to run quickly, computational tasks often need to be broken into hundreds or thousands of smaller pieces to run across many servers simultaneously.

For more information, as to how you can participate in NETinfo’s Internship contact us on or visit our website