March 15th, 2016 Nicosia, Cyprus and Miami, FL – USA

NETinfo and proAXIS have announced the representation and distribution agreement of NETinfo solutions to provide state-of-the-art capabilities for Financial Institutions for the Ibero-American market (Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Central & South America, and the Caribbean).

NETteller is an independent and flexible omnichannel solution that provides a full range of banking and financial services features which can be tailored to any institution’s needs through various channel modules, including Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, Alerts & Notifications, Kiosk Banking, ATM Gateway, PC Banking and Facebook Banking, all of which, when combined offer an all-inclusive product which can be tailored for private, retail, corporate and wealth management banking customers.

NETteller Mobile Financial Services Solution is a unique Mobile Payment Solution that presents the banked and unbanked consumer with the option to make real time money transactions through a mobile device. It has become apparent that there is a need to offer a safe and easy payment solution that is easily accessible, flexible and accommodating. NETteller MFS is a reliable, convenient, and secure mobile payment platform that supports any mobile phone, at any time and from any location within cellular coverage. Instead of paying for goods, or making payment transactions with cash, check or credit/debit card, consumers can now manage their finances, make transactions and pay for goods and services using their mobile phone.

“The current market demands and our network of partners in the region requested an omnichannel solution to sell in their countries. Our research led us to choose NETinfo because of its level of functionality and unique characteristics which make it stand out from the competition “, said Philippe Kuperman, proAXIS Partner.

“NETinfo is looking forward to join forces with proAXIS in the expansion of the omnichannel banking services in Mexico, Central & South America,  and the Caribbean, as well as Spain and Portugal. proAXIS has the experience and track record, with a strong understanding of the market.  Jointly we can form unique business development services in all regions, with exceptional professional products to offer, the resources required and superior consultants to assist.”, said Polys Hadjikyriacos, Secretary & CBDO of NetInfo.

About proAXIS 


Founded in 2010, proAXIS is a company that helps software vendors to scale globally, a specifically in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, through a network of associated distributors with a high technical and professional level. Albert E. Acuna and Philippe Kuperman, founders of proAXIS, combine more than 50 years of experience selling software in the Ibero and Latin American markets. With offices in the Miami area, Florida – USA, proAXIS represents leading companies from USA, Europe, Latin America, leaders in their respective markets with innovative solutions and have chosen proAXIS because of its experience and track record developing the Ibero and Latin American markets  minimizing the investment and resources required.

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Another victory in East Africa, as Co-orporative Bank of Kenya chooses NETteller as its new omnichannel solution provider!!! January 2016

NETinfo has been awarded as the chosen vendor to help accommodate the banks vision to be the leading and dominant Kenyan bank, with a strong countrywide presence in the East African region through cutting edge omnichannel banking services.

The bank has chosen NETinfo’s leading omnichannel solution ‘NETteller’ to provide them with the advanced services required to enable the bank to build the correct strategy for electronic channels., as well as provide the resources to help Sacco banks offer advanced retail and corporate services.

NETteller will provide the tools required for the bank to offer value added services to their chosen market segments, with special emphasis on the Co-operative movement through a highly effective omnichannel network.

The first phase of this project will incorporate;

  • NETteller Omnichannel Engine
  • NETteller Security Module
  • NETteller Administration Module
  • NETteller Authentication Module
  • NETteller WEB Banking Module
  • NETteller Alerts and Notification Module
  • NETteller Mobile Responsive

The system will initially go live in Southern Sudan, and gradually be implemented across the whole of East Africa.

Chief Business Development Officer Polys Hadjikyriakos has commented stating:

NETInfo’s  NETteller is fast becoming the most dominant omnichannel e-Banking solution implemented in East Africa. Its scalability and flexibility makes it easily adaptable for all banks. This is already proven through our extensive client base which already covers the complete spectrum of banks”.

NETteller is the chosen omnichannel solution for Oman Arab Bank

NETinfo’s flagship product NETteller was proven to be the only solution that could accommodate the needs of the banks local and international requirements, and was chosen due to its specialised, yet flexible approach and advanced functionality. The bank will be combining various modules within the e-Banking solution  which will define the true meaning of an omnichannel experience . These include;

  • NETteller Omnichannel engine
  • NETteller Security Module
  • NETteller Internet Banking
  • NETteller Mobile Banking (iOS and Android apps)
  • NETteller Alerts and Notifications
  • NETteller Facebook Banking
  • NETteller Quickpay
  • NETteller Cardless ATM Cash out services

The bank considers NETteller as the perfect tool to help facilitate in providing a unique and personalised e-Banking experience to their retail, corporate and investment customers and meeting the banks objective to be seen as pioneers in their field. 



About Oman Arab Bank

Oman Arab Bank is jointly owned by Omnivest (51 percent) and the Arab Bank Group (49 percent). The bank operates through more than 60 branches and offices across Oman and is considered the third largest bank in Oman servicing the retail, corporate, investment banking and Islamic finance sectors.

The bank has a clear strategy in its vision for future growth which includes being pioneers in introducing the latest electronic banking system and services to the country.

BCB ‘Go Live’’ with NETteller omnichannel solution

NETinfo Plc is pleased to announce that Bermuda Commercial Bank (BCB) have launched the NETteller omnichannel banking solution, offering a secure and personalised banking experience to their global customers in real-time and through various channels including WEB banking, mobile banking and alerts and notifications.

Bermuda commercial bank is focussed on providing customised services with a seamless user experience to their private and corporate customers, whilst achieving further growth in international markets through an omnichannel delivery approach.

NETinfo is pleased to be a part of their journey and offer continuous support in helping the bank to achieve their goals.


Graduate Award Ceremony from the Open University

We are proud to announce that on November 6th, 2015, NETinfo presented two awards for Postgraduate Studies of the Open University of Cyprus in the fields of IT. The first award was presented to the best named graduate of the postgraduate program” Information and Communication Systems “, and the second award was presented to the best named graduate of the postgraduate program ” Information Systems ”

NETinfo’s CEO Mr. Vassos Aristodemou was honored to be a part of this ceremony and to show his support to the new generation of graduates in the technology sector.

grad-award  graduate-award

Cyprus Development Bank to deploy NETteller Omnichannel e-Banking solution for the provision of new and innovative e-Banking services to their private, retail and corporate customers.

CDB, one of the primary financial institutions in Cyprus has announced NETinfo Plc as their vendor of choice for the implementation of the NETteller Omnichannel e-Banking solution. The new solution will enhance the banks services by allowing them to build their electronic channel strategy and offer a new banking experience to their customers with cost effective operations. 

NETteller will provide the bank with the key tools to provide a new range of innovative banking services to its private and corporate customers with a personalised and seamless approach.

NETteller will support the banks objective to establish themselves as a strong and profitable commercial financial institution by providing a whole range of personalised and innovative financial services and products through multiple channels of delivery.

About cdbbank 

Founded in 1963, the Cyprus Development bank (cdbbank) is one of the primary commercial banks in Cyprus focussed on identifying themselves as a niche financial services institution with commercial orientation. , dedicated to satisfying the needs of business clients.

Their aim is to build on the strengths that have been developed in the course of their history and bring the bank even closer to Cypriot and International businessmen by showing their dedication to satisfy the needs of business clients and providing new and innovative financial services and products through Omnichannel delivery.


NETteller has been announced as the chosen e-Banking solution for VTB Bank (Azerbaijan)

NETinfo Plc in conjunction with its partners Softline have been announced as the winning vendors by VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) for the Implementing of their new Internet banking system for their retail and corporate clients. 

NETteller Omnichannel e-Banking solution was chosen by VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) based on its unique and specialised features in corporate functionality, as well as its ability to provide customised and personalized services to their customers. NETteller will help the bank reach is objective to develop itself as a universal commercial bank, by providing the necessary tools for the bank to offer advanced banking services to their retail and corporate customers.

VTB Bank (Azerbaijan)

OJSC VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) is a subsidiary bank of OJSC VTB Bank and VTB Group, a global provider of financial services operating a large international network and offering a comprehensive range of services to clients in more than 20 countries across the CIS, Europe, Asia and Africa.

VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) is a commercial bank specialising in large scale corporate and sme banking services. The bank was founded in 2009, with a mission to provide an array of specialised banking services including corporate banking and personal banking for their VIP clients.

VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) intends to develop as a universal commercial bank, providing clients with all the specialised and personalised banking services that will meet the prerequisites for their customers.  These services will cover comprehensive corporate and personal banking services including other unique banking services that will be provided through the corresponding affiliate companies, members of the VTB Group.


NETinfo ranked one of the top vendors in Forrester’s ‘Market Overview: Omni Channel Banking solutions’

NETinfo Plc is happy to announce that we have been recognised as one of the Global Leaders in Omnichannel Digital Banking in Forrester’s 2015 report ‘Market Overview: Omni channel solutions’.

This report is focussed on how Omnichannel is one of the key transformation areas in banking today and how it offers a broader spectrum of support for retail and corporate consumers.

Forrester evaluated 16 global vendors and NETinfo was listed as the leader of the pack based on our products channel offerings, client segmentation, supported features and geographical coverage.

NETinfo has been featured by Forresters as leaders in the delivery of complete Omnichannel solutions that address all touch points for multiple channels and customer segmentation.


NETinfo has been acknowledged by Forresters as key players in Digital banking for 2 consecutive years, having also featured in Forrester’s Choose the right Mobile Banking Solution report in 2014.

With over 35 banking customers in 25 countries, we are proud to be featured in the highest ranks by one of the most respected global research companies for new technologies. This is an additional validation of how NETteller is the right solution for banks who are looking to accelerate their services through digital transformation.

Please refer to Forrester’s Web Page for more information

NETinfo wins e-Banking project for Banque de l’Union haïtienne in Haiti.

Banque de l’Union has selected NETinfo as their vendor of choice to drive their e-banking services into the new millennium and to help facilitate the banks mission to build stronger customer relations through innovative solutions and Omnichannel e-Banking services.  

NETinfo’s Omni channel solution ‘NETteller’ has been selected due to its flexibility and comprehensive service offering which will assist the bank to achieve their vision to be ‘the bank of choice’ by addressing the needs of their retail and corporate customers through advanced and personalised e-Banking services.

About Banque de l’Union haïtienne

Banque de l’Union haïtienne’, S.A. better known as BUH is a full service bank operating in Haiti. Founded in 1973, Banque de l’Union haïtienne was the first Haitian private bank and has expanded over the years to host a network of ten (10) branches across the country and over 2000 shareholders, making it one of the most widely held companies in Haiti.

The bank adopts an ambitious development plan for the future with the objective of creating a new dynamic client-bank for their personal and business clients in order to support their customer’s growth and economic development.


NETteller to take over e-Banking in Jamaica

NETinfo has secured its first e-Banking project in Jamaica with Sagicor Bank. One of the leading financial services companies throughout the Caribbean region.

NETinfo was chosen by Sagicor as the preferred vendor to help develop their e-Banking strategy in order to accommodate the significant growth in the number of customers demanding the benefits of online banking services today.

NETteller will support the banks quest to accommodate the generic needs of their customers, as well as incorporate advanced tailored functionalities that will specifically cater to the needs of the banks retail and corporate customer base as well as their investment services. Our tailored services will allow Sagicor to offer a personalised service that will set them one step ahead in today’s competitive market.
NETtellers Omni-channel approach will provide a secure, 24/7, Omnichannel e-Banking service that can be channelled through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking and   Facebook Banking.
Our advanced solution will meet the banks objective in being seen as an innovative bank in its region, resulting in new customer acquisition and customer retention. 

About Sagicor

Sagicor Bank is part of Sagicor Group Jamaica, A full service financial institution offering a wide range of products and services covering Banking, Insurance services, Annuities, Pensions, Real Estate, and Investment needs.

Sagicor Group Jamaica is a majority owned subsidiary of the Sagicor Financial Corporation (SFC). The history of Sagicor dates back to 1840, SFC is a dynamic, indigenous Group which has been redefining financial services in the Caribbean, building a strong base from which it has expanded into the international financial services market. Sagicor now operates in 22 countries in the Caribbean, Latin America, the United Kingdom and the United States.