NETteller/SOFGEN presents the e-Banking Breakfast Forum for Mobility and Innovation: The next Generation Banking

October 7th
Des Milles Collines Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda

NETinfo Plc in conjunction with its partner SOFGEN, will be hosting an exclusive e-Banking Breakfast Forum in Rwanda to address Mobility and Innovation for Next Generation Banking.

This event will address how Omnichannel delivery has evolved into the new Omni Channel world, and why banks need to streamline their services through Omni-channel delivery to meet the needs of the next generation consumer.

Additional topics will include the latest trends in Mobile Financial Services, and how banks can now utilize Mobile Payments as a means of extending their payment and financial services to their banking consumers and the unbanked community.

Find out how NETinfo’s flagship products NETteller Omni-Channel Solution and NETteller Mobile Financial Services solution can help you stay one step ahead in today’s competitive environment through a personalised and seamless banking experience through any channel of communication.

NETinfo included in FORRESTER report for Mobile Banking

NETinfo has been included as one of the key players in Mobile Banking Solutions for the annual Forrester report for recognised banking vendors.

NETinfo has been acknowledged amongst the top banking solution providers based on our criteria and expertise in Mobile Banking solutions which is supported through our flagship product NETteller.

NETinfo wins key internet banking project in Ghana

NETteller has been selected as the e-Banking solution of choice in order to accommodate the banks specialised services in Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Mortgage Banking and Micro Finance. Its Omnichannel engine will help the bank in its vision to become a leading Universal Banking Institution in the West African Sub-region providing world class financial services.

About HFC Bank

Established in November 2003, HFC Bank was issued with a universal banking license by the Bank of Ghana making it recognised as a fully-fledged universal bank. HFC Bank (Ghana) limited currently provides a wide range of universal banking services.

As a one-stop financial institution, their services include Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Mortgage Banking and Micro Finance. These services make HFC Bank the most diversified universal banking institution in the Ghanaian Banking industry today.

NETInfo expands its reach into Bermuda

NETinfo will be partnering with SOFGEN Holdings Limited (SOFGEN), a leading global provider of IT solutions in core banking, to implement our flagship product NETteller e-Banking solution in conjunction with the their replacement of BCB banks current core banking system to Temenos T24.

NETteller has been chosen due to strong integration capabilities, as well as its strong corporate functionality and flexibility in its Omnichannel offering and segmentation.

About Bermuda Bank

In 1969, the Bermuda Commercial Bank Group (BCB) was formed as a local bank to offer retail banking services in Bermuda. The group was streamlined in 1993 to become the only Bermudian bank focussed solely on servicing the local and international business community.

Today, BCB is Bermuda’s only bank dedicated solely to the needs of commercial, corporate and high net-worth clients.

Its primary focus is to grow its business in international markets through investments in infrastructure and high quality, tailor made services and products.


NETinfo Plc has joined the ‘Project Plan to Enhance Business Innovation’, which has been subsidized by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus. At the same time, the company has been approved for a total grant allocation of €105.278 to design, develop and promote an integrated system allowing payment transactions through mobile phones (Mobile Financial System – MFS). System users will have the ability to perform cash transactions safely and easily through any mobile phone.

Work on the design and technical product development for MFS has been finalized and is proceeding to a specific timetable. When the project is complete, NETinfo Plc will be a renowned leader in Cyprus, at the same time putting Cyprus on the world map in the field of Informatics and Telecommunications.

The promotion of MFS has already began by introducing the product to its network of partners across a number of countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the independent state of the former USSR, where all the feedback has been extremely optimistic. This network will be constantly expanding and this innovative system will successfully penetrate new markets, leading the company in a high growth trajectory and financial soundness.