Cyprus Development Bank to deploy NETteller Omnichannel e-Banking solution for the provision of new and innovative e-Banking services to their private, retail and corporate customers.

CDB, one of the primary financial institutions in Cyprus has announced NETinfo Plc as their vendor of choice for the implementation of the NETteller Omnichannel e-Banking solution. The new solution will enhance the banks services by allowing them to build their electronic channel strategy and offer a new banking experience to their customers with cost effective operations. 

NETteller will provide the bank with the key tools to provide a new range of innovative banking services to its private and corporate customers with a personalised and seamless approach.

NETteller will support the banks objective to establish themselves as a strong and profitable commercial financial institution by providing a whole range of personalised and innovative financial services and products through multiple channels of delivery.

About cdbbank 

Founded in 1963, the Cyprus Development bank (cdbbank) is one of the primary commercial banks in Cyprus focussed on identifying themselves as a niche financial services institution with commercial orientation. , dedicated to satisfying the needs of business clients.

Their aim is to build on the strengths that have been developed in the course of their history and bring the bank even closer to Cypriot and International businessmen by showing their dedication to satisfy the needs of business clients and providing new and innovative financial services and products through Omnichannel delivery.