NETteller Architecture is empowered with EJB3 technologies to create a scalable and portable business system.

Built on open standard platform (J2EE), NETteller is platform independent and not linked to any specific core banking environment or software/hardware vendor, thus making it fully adaptable and easy to integrate with the banks existing platform as well as future platforms that may be implemented. NETteller is based on SOA technology enabling the integration of application components and services.

Key Features

Built on Open Standards

NETteller delivers an open architecture that facilitates component choice, assembly and integration. The system encompasses the latest advances & standards of Information technology including J2EE, IFX, Web 2.0, SOAP, MD5, 3DES & OATH.

NETteller’s Omnichannel engine delivers and integrates information through several customer interaction points in order to support the integration with various internal banking systems, and to ensure the correct data is available at any time and through channel.


Open architecture supports the flexibility for customization and modifications to suit specific requirements and functionality.

Platform System Independent

Leverages J2EE to provide independence for all technology platforms. NETteller can operate in any hardware platform and Operating System (Windows Server, Linux, AIX and HPUX).
Can be deployed/configured with various J2EE-compliant application-servers including but not limited to: BEA WebLogic, IBM Websphere, JBoss AS and Oracle AS
Can be deployed/configured with various databases including but not limited to: Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB2, Enterprise DB and MySQL

Flexible Multi-channel - Delivery Channels/Integration

The Omnichannel Engine allows NETteller to deliver and integrate information in numerous ways: Internet (Web Browser), SMS (Mobile), PC client, ATM, Kiosk, IVR and Call Centre.

Easy Access to External Systems or 3rd party components

NETteller Integration Services and its configurable adapters provide simple system integration for efficient Straight-through-processing.