In today’s environment where ‘time is of the essence’, Multi-Channel Management has become a key factor for banks to create a unified banking experience to their users.

NETteller’s Omnichannel offering enables banks to reach their customers in real-time and through any channel of communication, providing them with complete autonomy to manage their finances seamlessly from one channel to another. At the same time banks can analyse customer behaviour with 360 degree view of any type of user activity through any specific channel, at any point of time.

Communicate with customers across multiple channels to enhance customer experience and optimise the distribution of banking services

NETteller’s Omnichannel management enables the bank to connect to their customers at any time, in any location and by any means of communication. This unique offering is managed through one unified platform, allowing the bank to administer their own channels rules and business processes.


Attract New Customers – By using an advanced Omnichannel banking system, banks can be seen as technologically advanced in their field, setting themselves apart from other banks who are lacking in channel Integration.

Reach the unreachable – Multi-Channel integration will enable you to extend your services to potential consumers in all markets, including the un-banked consumer.

Relationship Management– Customer analysis on all channels will provide a unified view of customer’s activity, enabling the bank to track channel usage from each consumer type or segment and improving cross selling opportunities.

NETteller Internet Banking

Internet Banking Content delivers a comprehensive online banking service in real time to provide a complete banking experience without stepping into the bank’s branch.

Key Features

  • Client segmentation – Provides different look and feel options, services and functionality to Retail, Corporate and the unbanked customer.
  • Corporate Banking – Offers advanced services to the corporate consumer including Trade and Finance, Corporate Administration Management, Mass Payments and Supply Chain Services.
  • Dashboards and Widgets – Provides a personalised user experience to your customers, allowing them to manage and prioritise their online experience.
  • Personal Finance Management – Provides the consumer with the tools to manage and track their finances.
  • Advanced Corporate Functionality – Provides corporate customers with the freedom to run their business through one central system.


  • Account Information
  • Transfers and Payments
  • Orders and Guarantees
  • Card and Cheque Management
  • Secure Messages
  • Trade Facilitation and Management
  • Cash Liquidity
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Corporate Administration Management
  • Retails Administration Management
  • Corporate Administration

NETteller Mobile Banking

NETteller Mobile Banking solution delivers a rich, personalised and secure banking service to every consumer segment, ranging from Retail and Corporate to the unbanked consumer.

The solution works on a variety of Mobile devices, and can be designed and adjusted to fit any mobile phone display with the same look and feel as the online banking system, providing banking customers with a consistent and user friendly experience between channels.

NETteller Mobile Banking empowers retail and corporate banking customers with a complete banking experience through their mobile handset by combining strong security, broad functionality and a rich user experience.

Key Features

  • Account Information
  • Transfer and Payments
  • Multiple Authorisation
  • SMS Alerts and Notifications
  • Personal Financial Management


  • Improve Loyalty and retention
    Provide adaptable and personalised banking services through all mobile devices and access modes to build greater customer loyalty and retention.
  • Target Advertising
    Intelligent analytics and reporting capabilities can be used for a unique insight to deliver targeted marketing material and new banking services to your customers in real time to enable improved cross sell revenues.
  • Reduce Time to Market
    NETteller Mobile Banking is delivered through one central system providing seamless and easy integration with multiple host systems to ensure shorter time to market on delivery.

NETteller Mobile Applications

NETteller Mobile Application has been specifically developed for smart phones using Android, Apple iOS and Windows to create a tailor made mobile banking experience.

This application includes specific features and services that allows smart phone users to perform additional functionalities which may not be supported on non-smart phones.

  • Provides rich Mobile Banking functionality.
  • Provides Card Loyalty information
  • Provides easy and direct dial to telephone and email services within specific departments of the Bank.

Allows users to search for the location of bank branches, ATMs and routes by selecting a map location of the nearest store / site.

NETteller Alerts and Notifications

NETteller Alerts and Notifications is a powerful feature that allows you to automatically deliver specific information to the banking customer through notifications and SMS, increasing security and providing the tools for better financial planning.

This innovative service enables the bank to transmit personalised and mass text messages and notifications to the bank’s subscribers informing them about various banking activities and user behaviour.

Key features

  • Balance Notification
  • Withdrawal Notification
  • Temporary Limit Notification
  • Transactions Notification
  • Confirmation of Payment
  • Security Alerts
  • News
  • Information and Marketing
  • New product and service notifications


  • Security
    Customers can receive real time alerts on user behaviour to help identify irregular activities. 
  • Mass Distribution
    The bank is able to send a one off or multiple sms to all customers for marketing purposes, banking news and generic security alerts

NETteller SMS Banking

NETteller SMS Banking allows the consumer to operate selected banking services over their mobile phone through sms messaging.

Key Features include

  • Allows the customer to check balance and transaction history on all accounts
  • Allows the customer to view current and past exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Allows the bank to send SMS Alerts for specific banking actions such as executed transactions or security alerts.
  • Allows customers to transfer money within their own accounts

NETteller Kiosk Banking

NETteller Kiosk Banking is a complete solution for “wrapping” the bank’s e-banking and presenting it on a public self-service terminal.

The same functionality offered for the WEB banking can also be supported through the kiosk offering the customer with an alternative channel of choice.

The application can segment the different kiosks, and according to their location (Banks, Shopping Malls, and Airports) will provide the appropriate banking functionality requested.

Additionally, the bank can utilise the kiosk machine further when inactive for advertisement purposes. 


  • Streamline Revenue through cross selling and up selling capabilities
  • Reduce queues in branches
  • And alternative channel to adhere to customers’ expectations