Offer your customers peace of mind with our 2-Factor Authentication Suite. A powerful defence solution which has been designed to add further security to the banking authentication processes for the Corporate and Retail consumer

Eliminate the chances of online identity theft, phishing expeditions, and other online fraud

NETinfo Authentication Suite is a powerful Authentication Server which utilizes both a Mobile Phone and/or an OTP Token, allowing Retail and Corporate customers to enhance their user security easily, quickly, affordably and with little implementation risk.

Our solution allows you to offer a strong authentication process to your customers for every application or transaction. By using advanced authentication tools, NETteller Authentication Suite protects access to Web-based resources with 2-Factor user authentication through the use of mobile phones and/or an OTP Token.

NETteller Mobile Token Application

The NETteller One-Time-Password (OTP) is a time-based password generating software, which produces a new OTP on your mobile phone every 60 seconds. There is no communication or data transfer involved in the OTP generation process, making it secure, easy to use and cost effective.


NETteller SMS Tan

‘Something you know’ and ‘Something you have’

SMS TAN authentication entails sending an eight digit code via SMS message to the registered mobile phone of the customer in the process of performing online transactions to verify authentication.

NETteller OTP Token

The NETteller OTP token is a high quality OTP device providing strong user authentication. It is fully integrated into the NETteller authentication server, and can be used as an alternative to the Mobile Token or SMS TAN.


  • Using more than one form of authentication ensures a stronger authentication process, providing double the security
  • The 2 Factor Authentication methods are all managed centrally using NETtellers administration system, eliminating the need for additional license fees and other cost.