NETteller PFM Solution provides unique features that help Retail and Corporate customers gain a better financial understanding of their accounts, purchases and expenditures, allowing them to manage their finances and expenses. Through a comprehensive analysis on expenditure and forecasting reports, the customer is given a complete breakdown of his income and expenses enabling him to control his funds and plan his finances accordingly.

Key features

  • A 360° breakdown of accounts and Expenditure
  • Comprehensive Analytical Reports
  • Graphical Imaging
  • User Limits
  • Alerts, notifications and updates
  • Transaction Categorisation
  • Financial Calculators


The PFM solution can provide a complete breakdown and analysis on all accounts, enabling the customer to keep their finances in order by forecasting incomes and controlling expenses.

Users can gain a better understanding of their account activities, income and expenditures by categorizing and graphing them into assigned categories and sub categories (e.g. mortgage, car). Financial Categorisation is offered through customizable charts and graphs, creating a visual analysis for the customer when comparing income to expenditures.

NETteller PFM enables the banking users to view their cash flow on a weekly/monthly basis, which can be sorted by account or specific timeframe.  This enables banking customer to create monthly budgets in order to stay one step ahead in their finances.

NETteller Personal and Business Finance Management provides the bank with a deeper insight into the customer’s activities and requirements, making it the perfect tool to attain customer loyalty whilst utilizing cross selling opportunities.