Streamline you’re banking operations and channel you’re banking services by offering a highly personalised ‘one stop’ banking experience to your customers through Omnichannel communication.

NETinfo’s flagship product NETteller e-Banking Solution’ is a Omnichannel Online Banking Solution that has been designed to adapt to the current and future demands of any banking and financial institution worldwide.

NETteller consists of a powerful independent platform that manages all channels centrally whilst supporting every customer segmentation, including corporate, retail and the unbanked consumer.

Our unified solution enables banks to expand their channel offerings and provide secure and seamless personalised services in real time, whilst sustaining detailed reporting and analysis features to support the ‘Know your Customer’ concept and improve customer service.

This flexible system offers unique and value added features which empowers the bank to manage the demands of their customer’s expectation and meets the current trends in online banking services.

Key Features

  • Personal Finance Management
  • Personalization
  • Self-Administration
  • Customer Segmentation features and services
  • Comprehensive transaction services
  • 360o overview of accounts and transaction information
  • Detailed reporting and Analysis
  • Targeted Marketing and Sales Management
  • Dashboard Management
  • Multi language and currency
  • Customisable look and feel
  • 24×7 usability
  • Electronic Bill presentment and payments
  • Corporate Management
  • System Management
  • Risk Management
  • Content Management
  • Corporate Administration Management
  • Retail & Corporate Banking functionality
  • Liquidity Management
  • Reconciliation
  • Trade and Finance

Security and Authorization

2 Factor Authentication

including TAN, SMS and OTP Tokens

Multi Authorisation Management

and Signatories rules for accounts and functionality

Access levels and management

for user definition; including defining roles, groups, and departments.