As the consumers demand for mobility increases, the use of mobile devices for financial services and transactions has surpassed all other channels of communication.

Mobile Financial Services has become the ‘next generation’ payment service, transforming the way people perform money transactions across the globe.

The NETteller MFS Solution is a comprehensive Mobile Payment Solution providing a secure, user-friendly and powerful tool for Mobile Financial Services, using any cell-phone by any available mobile network.

NETteller MFS solution is based on the NETteller system, and designed and developed to address the key challenges faced in the delivery of successful Mobile Financial Services.

Key Features

  • Multiple Service Offerings including e-money, m-money, loyalty cards and coupons
  • Multi-Currencies
  • Multi-lingual
  • Simple Integration – Open Interfaces
  • Real Time Policy Enforcements
  • Self-Spending Policies
  • Scalability through distributed environments
  • Loyalty Card and Coupon Management
  • Flexibility through adaptation to different market segments
  • Adaptable to any cell phone with any operation system
  • Supports multiple access methods: SMS/USSD/WEB/NFC
  • Platform Security and Fraud Prevention
  • Converged e-Banking and e-Money
  • Ready for NFC application and future applications