NETinfo wins e-Banking project for Banque de l’Union haïtienne in Haiti.

Banque de l’Union has selected NETinfo as their vendor of choice to drive their e-banking services into the new millennium and to help facilitate the banks mission to build stronger customer relations through innovative solutions and Omnichannel e-Banking services.  

NETinfo’s Omni channel solution ‘NETteller’ has been selected due to its flexibility and comprehensive service offering which will assist the bank to achieve their vision to be ‘the bank of choice’ by addressing the needs of their retail and corporate customers through advanced and personalised e-Banking services.

About Banque de l’Union haïtienne

Banque de l’Union haïtienne’, S.A. better known as BUH is a full service bank operating in Haiti. Founded in 1973, Banque de l’Union haïtienne was the first Haitian private bank and has expanded over the years to host a network of ten (10) branches across the country and over 2000 shareholders, making it one of the most widely held companies in Haiti.

The bank adopts an ambitious development plan for the future with the objective of creating a new dynamic client-bank for their personal and business clients in order to support their customer’s growth and economic development.