Credins bank has upgraded its digital banking services with NETinfo’s Digital Banking Platform. The upgrade, both web and mobile, provides a cutting-edge banking experience with many new features and functionalities to Credins bank’s customers, while indicating the Bank’s commitment for digital transformation.

Credins Bank’s online users will now enjoy an amazing customer experience while managing their accounts, performing money transfers, paying for utility bills and applying online for banking products and services. Users can also tailor their app, by using NETinfo’s advanced personalization tools, and manage their alerts and notifications.

The Bank controls and monitors the whole solution and the business rules that apply, as NETinfo incorporates a comprehensive and powerful central administration module. NETinfo’s administration also provides self-service capability, including the ability for the bank to develop end-to-end new services and marketing campaigns to any channel and any customer group, easily and in short time.

We believe that Credins bank has been through a fundamental switch to be digitally advanced, setting themselves one step ahead in today’s competitive environment.

About NETinfo

NETinfo is a versatile and innovative technology company that has been enabling digital transformation strategies for banks and financial institutions since 2000. NETinfo’s flagship products, NETinfo Digital Banking Platform and NETinfo Mobile Financial Services (MFS), have successfully been part of the digital transformation process of banks and financial institutions, in 30 countries worldwide.

NETinfo focuses on retail banking, corporate banking, wealth management, and insurance. We support banks and financial institutions of all sizes across all geographies, helping them to harness the latest technologies, and we fully embrace the needs of today’s digital consumers. Industry analysts recognise NETinfo as one of the global leaders for omnichannel design and delivery.

About Credins Bank

Credins bank is one of the three major banks in the country, offering 360-degree banking and financial solutions to its customers. Credins bank opened its door on March 15, 2003, as the first bank fully owned by Albanian shareholders and it has become in these fifteen years of continuous and sustained growth one of the leading banks in the country for financing, deposits and assets. The bank represents number one choice for Albanian private customers, families, business and institutions. Our strategy and our positioning in the market reflects our customer behavior. In the today’s digital transformation, our ambition is to be on the edge of new digital offering for financial products and services. “We speak your language” is not a simple marketing slogan, but rather the definition of our attitude towards client’s needs. Our mission inherently acknowledges that people are our main competitive advantage. Therefore, the focus of our attention has continuously been the building up of strong and serious teams made up of talented people. We are here to assure our clients, partners and shareholders, business continuity and growth in consistence with their expectations and trust.