NETinfo and BMB Group, enter a strategic partnership to empower financial institutions achieve their digital transformation goals. The partnership is focused on the implementation of digital transformation projects for financial institutions around the world, by utilising NETinfo’s expertise in delivering digital banking solutions and BMB’s proven expertise in the field of Information Technology implementation.

NETinfo focuses on retail, corporate and private banking and has been enabling digital transformation strategies for banks and financial institutions in more than 30 countries worldwide, since 2000.

BMB Group, established in 1995, has evolved into a leader in the world of Information and Communication Technology. BMB is a full solution provider and a global advisor working with top rated technology partners to empower businesses and organizations, through the delivery of quality, custom-made IT solutions. With over 400 employees, BMB Group now operates 17 offices in the Middle East, Africa & Europe, serving more than 3,000 industry-leading clients.

Polys Hadjikyriacos, Chief Business Development Officer of NETinfo, said “Our implementation partners play a crucial role in our company’s growth and we are delighted and honoured to welcome BMB in our Partner Network. We are looking forward to working with BMB, across the globe, to deliver superior digital banking solutions to our clients.”

Ruba Darwish, BDM Next-Gen Digital Solutions at BMB, stated: “BMB always strives to be ahead of the technology curve by focally focusing on helping our clients transform their business in a cost effective manner and speed up their time to market. BMB believes that its partnership with NETinfo will open new doors and deliver on the digital promise to our customers. Combining the technology that NETinfo provides with the skillset and reach that BMB has will for sure create a successful formula that yields positive results for both companies.”

About BMB Group

Technology has been the driving force behind BMB for the past 25 years. Today BMB is a leader in the world of Digital Information and Communication Technology, serving more than 3,000 industry-leading customers across all verticals. BMB is a global system integrator and advisor working with top rated technology partners to empower businesses and organizations throughout their digital journey.

BMB’s technologies and services include Digital Banking & Fintech ,IoT, Automated Machine Learning, Cloud solutions, Optical Fibre Networks, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Cyber Security, Collaboration, AI, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Networking, Data Center, Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Sales Force Automation, Warehouse Management & Field Service and Managed & Professional services.

With more than 400 industry-experts and a physical presence in France, Spain, UAE, KSA, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq & Algeria, BMB serves the EMEA region and works relentlessly to put customers at the center of their technology journey.

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