Uzbekistan, 6th of November 2018 – NETinfo and Service You successfully organized their joined event “The future is now”, which was held on Tuesday 6th of November 2018, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The event which was focused on the banking industry, brought together e-Banking Managers, Alternative Channel Managers, IT Managers, Retail/Corporate Managers, Operation Managers and Board Members of banks and financial institutions in Uzbekistan.

Participants had the opportunity to get insights of the latest global trends, alternative payment methods and best practices, as well as information about the offered digital transformation solutions for their organizations.  The event provided valuable information on how to go one step further in the market and meet current, and future customer needs.

According to Mr. Vassos Aristodemou, President and CEO of NETinfo, “this is the right time for banks and financial institutions in Uzbekistan to go through a fundamental switch to become digitally advanced and set themselves one step ahead in today’s competitive environment.”