NETinfo is proud to have been recognized by the Banking CIO Outlook magazine as one of the 10 top banking tech companies in Europe in 2018.

The 10 companies recognized in the Banking CIO Outlook list have been selected by a distinguished panel compromising CEOs, CIOs, VCs and the Banking CIO Outlook’s editorial board. After scrutinizing the banking tech companies in Europe, from market reports, industry news, surveys etc., the selected companies are the ones that leverage innovative technologies and strategies to enhance today’s banking processes, by offering powerful solutions.

The Banking CIO Outlook magazine stands out with its learn-from-peers approach, offering professionals the most comprehensive collection of technology trends. They are determined to offer a myriad of additional services that can improve businesses and help customers deal with issues related to this industry. Banking CIO Outlook enables banks to move a step ahead by guiding them towards adopting the best in technology, for them to achieve in providing seamless and convenient solutions for an enhanced customer experience.

This recognition reflects the expertise we provide to our customers to remain competitive and our continuous efforts to offer superior and innovative banking solutions.

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